YC Saw Mill Fence

Site: Jecheon, South Korea

Status: Under Construction

Program: Commercial|Landscape|Urbanism

Client: YC Sawmill

The YC Saw Mill Fence project conceptualizes that a fence is not a barrier, but a veil that narrates a history of a place. The project incorporates the traditional Korean Chaekgeori screen as the point of departure for design inspiration. The Chaekgeori screen represented the cultural reference of the owner’s societal placement through visual language. The YC Saw Mill Fence references the dynamic flows of the geographic nature of the mountains and rivers of the site. The fence is designed to change the density of the wall opening parallel to the road and allowing edge of the YC Saw Mill campus to transform into an interactive smooth façade to define an entry sequence.

The fence is constructed out of timber blades with concrete channel footings with steel connections. The vertical timber blades are designed to become fan like nature that veils the buildings and property beyond the fence. The landscape strategy is developed with vegetation as a secondary layer to the fence that softens the space between the timber blades. This contrast of hard and soft edges blurs the boundary between the infrastructure of the city against the backdrop of the mountains.