Via Frontier Mall

Site: Daly City, CA, United States

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Commercial

Client: Via Frontier Development Inc.

Via Frontier is an innovative hybridization of the typical ‘brick and mortar’ outlet and ‘direct mail’ online business. This technological hub is an ultimate venue for direct vendors (those currently without distributorship) to showcase products and services directly to consumers. Existing vendors need to creatively and strategically present ideas and products in parallel with the shifting and emerging technologies.


A collective center continuously on the edge of technology, the Via Frontier invites curious consumers of different levels of technological knowledge to interface and experience the latest in the world of the media, information and technology.


Via Frontier is a new form of spatial organization for high technological and commercial space challenging the contemporary system of consumerism. The design strategy develops through the research for ‘programmatic transparency,’ an operation that shifts from defining formal suburban mall typology to more flexible organization of consumer information and media.  This transformative design process allows for a perpetual dynamic marketplace. Via Frontier is a project that opportunistically develops spatial formations through defining ephemeral compositions of ‘form’ and ‘space.’




160,000 square feet of retail and entertainment

Gallery (new product displays)

Free Zone (internet access)

Media Surfaces


Retail: Hardware, Software, Peripherals, Telecommunications

Internet:  ISPs, Travel, Auctions, Finance, Books, Cars, Clothing, Entertainment

Gaming Center: Consoles, Games, Accessories

Computer Education Centers

Mail Services

Specialty Foods

Cinema:  Digital Cineplex and Imax

Banking Services