V9 Digital

Site: St. Louis, MO, United States

Status: Schematic Design

Program: Commercial

Client: KETC/Nine Network

V9 Digital develops the outdated film and video archives within the facilities of 9 Network of Public Media, an independent digital processing company. The difference between analog and digital signal waves is the analog waves are smooth and continuous while digital waves are stepping, square, discrete and must have a finite set of possible values. The investigation into the spectrum of light transforms the spatial construction of the architecture by articulating various wavelengths of light from smooth (analog) to striated (digital). The lighting strategy heightens the experience of this transition of public to private and fluid to grid organizations.


Transparency of glass walls constructs a visual depth and openness to display the technology and the processes of the facilities. V9 Digital is a space that merges optical effects and spatial effects to unfold the history of technology and media through the reflective eyes of the visitor.