Soulard Office

Site: St. Louis, MO, United States

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Commercial

Client: Novack Construction and Development

The Soulard Office Project was a modest proposal for a stair and kitchen storage area.  The clients wanted office workspaces on both the lower and upper levels for this 1200 SF office.  Because the partners were located in the upper level, the stair was designed to encourage guests to enter and proceed upstairs.  Although the unit was an unfinished space, the stair and room locations were fixed in the anticipated build-out.


The lower stair treads and bench were formed from aluminum plates bent and cut to form a continuous edge for the stair unit.  When the direction of an aluminum bend shifts 90 degrees, a cut in the material is made to give the equipment adequate tolerance.  Breaks in the material also help to shorten the length of the installation and act as overlapping joints for support of the planar elements. The handrail is an extension of the tread; shaping a thin line moving up along a lighted path.