Pershing Place Master Plan

Site: St. Louis, MO, United States

Status: Schematic Design

Program: Residential|Landscape

Client: Woofter-Kim Family

The Pershing Place Master Plan exists in a larger backyard redesign for a historic building in Central West End of St. Louis, MO. The backyard as a whole has been extended with the proposal of a modern fence that sits closer to the property lines. A lap pool has been added with the removal of one of the larger trees that is dying on the property, and all pathways have been redesigned to provide a simplified circulation.

The main design challenges for the deck itself include the accommodation of required clearances and dimensional allowances around the HVAC and electrical equipment on the rear of the building. To address these needs, the deck is designed with a lightweight grating to allow for proper airflow above the machinery and a tapered access stair to maintain three feet of clearance in front of the electrical meter. The structure itself is placed on tracks, carefully measured and arranged to sit between the HVAC units allowing for the entire deck to be separated from the main building should the HVAC equipment need maintenance or replacement. The perforated cladding pattern is based on the dimension and ratio of the bricks from the building, and the railing closest to the building is folded back to conceal the equipment below. A notch is cut from the railing to create a relationship with the window to the kitchen with a bar counter surface that services outdoor events. The angled trellis wall and hanging planter boxes allow for opportunity to garden on the deck area.