Per·for·mance Installation

Site: St. Louis, MO, United States

Status: Built

Program: Installation

Client: Bruno David Gallery

Axi:Ome llc, derives from crossing of the two Latin words axiom and forme. The definition is to prove a theorem or an idea there must be assemblage of form. Form is not achieved by geometry alone, but transformed by the parameters and forces around us. This process determines the form of the space. In this exhibition the two Axi:Ome projects are in dialogue demonstrating how architecture can be immaterialized.  Two opposite examples: Carbon Tower and Grand Center Media Arcade. Carbon Tower is a light structure performing with the air flow by solidifying the natural condition of the wind to strengthening the architectural and structural systems. Media Arcade performs with light and media to activate public spaces and dematerialize the architectural conditions by transforming public events into performative venues.