Nine Network

Site: St. Louis, MO, United States

Status: Built

Program: Cultural

Client: KETC/Nine Network

The nine network interior project was based on the relationship between light, open exchange of information, and visual connections to adjoining spaces and neighborhoods.  The interior was designed from a 4,800 sq ft unfinished space designated for future use.  New construction added a kitchen, conference room, an enclosed office, furniture design for educational programming and online newspaper and open space for public media viewing events and media education seminars.  The existing floor plate was expanded with the extension of office space over the existing double heighted break room and the cantilever of the conference room over the same space.  In addition, the western wall was visually opened with glazing to create views through the double height space to the neighborhood and basilica beyond.


Formally and conceptually, the spaces are banded together through various light media.  Public media is dependent upon an open exchange of information through community networks.  In today’s environment, this translates to daily contact with subtle light mediums.  The spaces of KETC interiors are colored through light.  This includes changing LED bands of light along critical surfaces, slots of linear light over open workspace, point-source lights, and the light of projected media.