Micro Housing II

Site: Jecheon, South Korea

Status: Design Development

Program: Residential

Client: YC Saw Mill

Micro Housing II is inspired by the Korean tradition of the connection between the mountains and one's ancestral rituals and provides basic shelter between the open wilderness on weekends and the dense urban life on weekdays. This multi-family prefabricated unit integrates the comfort of modern home with profound freedom that unites the spirit of life with the landscape. The project is an off-grid compact home designed as a simple small cabin sheathed in zinc and wood with plywood interiors.

Micro Housing II contains a kitchenette, upper level sleeping quarters, bathrooms, storage, hot water heaters, waste management units and power generators. The building is designed as an energy-efficient home fabricated with high and low thermal mass wall assembly. To maintain a stable temperature within the house, the roof folds into wall for articulated insulation, glazing, shading and ventilation strategies that perform to absorb any excessive heat energy. The exterior decks allow for intimate outdoor activities that blend the landscape to the architecture.