Media Plaza

Site: St. Louis, MO, United States

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Cultural|Landscape|Urbanism

Client: KETC/Nine Network and UMSL

Media Plaza is an important juncture between multiple cultural and academic institutions in Grand Center. The two spinal links are network corridor which connects from St. Louis University to Sheldon and alley way from Fox Theater to Pulitzer Foundation. Media Plaza is the center of these important spines and frames the public space between KETC and UMSL. This plaza is an extension of the private spaces opening to the public for interactive events to occur.

The hard scape is prefabricated concrete panels with grooves and channels with various textures on the surface for water filtering and collecting process. The panels respond to plaza programs by transforming into benches, tables, stages, ramps and planters. Between the concrete panels are the LED embedded resin blocks that light various spectrums of colors for illuminating patterns. The resin light blocks become threshold markings, designators, and choreographic devices that define events and programmatic zones. Media Plaza is activated by digital projections on KETC and LED screens on Sheldon for total public media experience.