Maison Feline

Site: St. Louis, MO, United States

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Residential|Commercial

Client: Animal House

Maison Feline is a 6,640 sq ft renovation of the existing Animal House| Cat Rescue and Adoption Center of St. Louis, Mo. The design strategy reconfigures the thresholds of flow through the building as animal’s transition towards adoption. The renovation design implements smoother human and animal experiences by promoting the idea of flow-through process. This transforms the exterior entry and the lobby sequence as overall sense of openness and articulation of material palettes.


The front façade, landscape and entry was developed to respond to ADA access and to be more open to community engagement by allowing people in the door in order to get cats out. The Maison Feline creates a destination where people want to spend time rather than a place to go every 10-15 years when they want a new cat. The design re-enforces the desire for people to visit every month to purchase cat products, take advantage of veterinarian visits and attend a birthday party for pets or special events to promote a volunteer-friendly environment that thrives on community involvement.


Maison Feline is designed to organize the existing spaces to welcoming the public in and creating spaces for people and cats to gather by designing facilities dedicated for feline lovers who can see cats on a regular basis. This supports the boost of adoptions, fostering and transfers, while creating new revenue streams. Maison Feline takes advantages to maximize the greatest degree of individualization for the public feline dwellings that separates each unite with acoustic absorption at same time giving vibrant spaces for the animals. At same time the open and flexible spaces for the staff and volunteers to enjoy being in the facilities aid in the caring of the animals.