Locust Office

Site: St. Louis, MO, United States

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Commercial

Client: Wade Paschall

Located in a developing area of St. Louis, the Locust Street office is an interior design project for a graphic design company and a small architecture office.  The design of the open plan includes a wall that separates and joins the two practices, a conference room, and kitchen and bath utilities.  Unequal square footage and light access was taken into consideration when designing the boundary wall and conference room.  Although there is a wall separating the two spaces, we still wanted the light from one side to pass through the open-frame wall as such light projections from the eastern facade windows were mapped over the course of day and yearly intervals.  The movement of light patterns on the wall and floor would not only give clues to the openings in the boundary wall but also contribute indirectly to its character, its deformations, and its geometry.  Diagrams studying ideal locations for seating, table surfaces, window openings, shelving units, thresholds (along and through the wall) and bands of artificial light were also used to suggest the pattern of movement in the wall’s geometry. This resulted in an egg-crate wall system which would consist of plywood panels water jet cut with plastic film on the plywood to prevent warping from the water-bed; immediate placement in drying racks would eliminate any residue of moisture.  The numbered panels would then be coated in high gloss white lacquer paint to avoid the cost of sanding burn marks of the manufacturing process and provide a reflective finish to bounce light within the system.