Site: St. Louis, MO, United States

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Cultural

Client: KETC/Nine Network

The concept for the KETC Skin project imagines an additive layer to the public TV station in Grand Center.  The panels of the project are inspired by Cuttlefish skin because of the complex nature of adaptation and camouflaging techniques the animal displays. The KETC skin changes color and light polarization through material changes and light projections.


The KETC Skin is a steel fabricated armature with translucent and light diffraction plastic panels. During the day, the translucent skin glows with light and also gives traces of openings existing in the building and form. At night, the LED screens and lighting illuminates in response to street events. The KETC Skin transforms along the streetscape by folding and retracting, interacting with the sidewalks, to become canopy and shading. On the alley side, the skin adapts by transforming into a green wall for sound absorption and seasonal texture and coloration.