Kelleher House

Site: Weymouth, MA, United States

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Residential

Client: Kelleher Family

The Kelleher House is an experiment in redefining the visual, social and spatial relationship of the suburban interface. The project proposes new surfaces and facades onto an existing suburban, New England house. The sectional site line diagrams illustrate the complex visual and social networking of the site. The new surfaces reflect this spatial order through animating dynamic facades that change in depth, transparency, pattern and movement. This project is a machine that reorganizes the static environment into a transformative situation.

The design of the astronaut's suit layers creates a protective artificial skin capable of adapting to the surrounding environment. The layers of the exterior wall/skin in the Kelleher House also act as mediators of view, temperature and sound. The water tube system of the insulting layer performs as a natural cooling/heating device in the different seasons depending on the temperature of the fluids pumped through. This enclosure forms the skin which becomes an experiential surface sensitive to texture, light, sound and view, extending the human senses to the boundary of the home. The protective artificial skin, once a suit, now fluctuates into a living space.