Jaguar Dealership

Site: Aleppo, Syria

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Residential|Commercial

Client: Withheld from Client

The Jaguar Dealership assembles around the voyeuristic experience of the automobile as a spectacular infrastructural, yet tactile, event.  This event engages the consumer within a wide range of scales and interests. The client receives and services the car while the visitors of the dealership act as active spectators to this event. The architecture establishes fundamentally a new relationship to its context then that of the other structures on the site. Because the dealership sits as a gateway to Aleppo, Syria in the desert prior to the city entrance, the building acts as a mirage connecting itself to the infrastructure of highway, power lines and signage.  The spatial conception of the Jaguar Dealership encompasses a multiplicity of events and programs within a complex, yet coherent whole. Movement and change inform the very organization of space itself. The scale and complexity of these buildings move beyond conventional thresholds - as a structure too large to name ‘building’ it incorporates movement systems and infrastructure as an inherent part of its organization. The Jaguar Dealership engages the extensive program requirements of the brief not simply as a building solution, but rather as the architecture of infrastructure and dynamic environments.