Glass House

Site: Catawba Valley, VA, United States

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Residential

Client: Withheld from Client

The car passes through, splitting the house into two… the house is a volume within the landscape and the road splits it the way that a highway might create an edge along a terrace. 

The terraces create an artificial landscape that plays with the contours of the land.  They interface with the roof of the house creating a seamless landscape and view of the surrounding hillside.  The roof becomes a green deck and scenic view along the roadside interacting as water retention systems.  The retaining walls and roof are constructed through the stacking of layers of contours.   Reversal of the suburban house: most are built up and this one is built downwards – like a mechanism to frame the view.  The façade is a flexi glass system.  When visiting the Glass museum, we were intrigued by flexible glass that could rotate from a pivot point 90 degrees over the length of approximately five feet.