Folded Bridge

Site: St. Louis, MO, United States

Status: Built

Program: Installation

Client: Laumeier Sculpture Park

As you walk down the path and into the cover of trees, you approach a bridge.  Here, the goal was simply to dress the garden, to provide a space of simultaneity between landscape and inhabitance.


The passage across the bridge is intentionally mis-aligned from the traditional covered bridge.  The structure overhead moves from side to side creating an internal cross movement and yet read from the landscape as a balanced form set upon a simple span.  As you move across and pass through the structure, there is an analogy of a false ground and the sense of being in another place while experiencing an intensity of the real place. 


Light streams down to the ground creating a geometry that is separate from the folded enclosure and space beneath the canopy of trees.  These are inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudi who designed structures by thinking of them upside-down with strings and achieving balance through lightness and weight. Sky to ground; light projects a structure into the folds.


The canopy was thought of as a prototype.  From the thinness of drawn planes to a material translation, moments are tested for their distribution of loads.  Tensile and compressive, this translation studies the folded plane with a weak material that accentuates gravity.