Floating Pool

Site: New Providence, Bahamas

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Residential

Client: Albany Resort

The Floating Pool Condominium is inspired by the natural ecology of Bahamas. The Landscape of Albny Resort modifies the natural environment by layering and importing native ecological systems of landscapes and waterway. One of the hidden valuable resources of the area resides in the coral reefs. In part, their formation of plate coral systems acts as a light catcher in the deep sea, living within a complex living system.

The Floating Pool Condominium uses a cantilever pool deck for view, catching light and watching events across the marina. Here the building becomes not just an object, but a beacon and a marker within the edge of the water and land. The design extracts the landscape and the streetscape into the building by creating public place through urban decks of landscapes and plaza at second level. This architecture becomes part of a system and a network of infrastructure connectin events and people together.