Factory I

Site: Jecheon, South Korea

Status: Schematic Design

Program: Commercial

Client: YC Saw Mill

The YC Saw Mill Factory I is a fabrication facility where lumber are cut to standard or custom sizes (dimensional lumber) utilizing a CNC automated saw. Building is a primitive shed typology of light steel prefabricated structure and angled metal roof. The facade and enclosure composite panels are custom fabricated at the sawmill with its recycled lumber from the manufacturing off-throw processes.

The YC Saw Mill historically has been the prominent lumber supplier and craftsman in construction of traditional Korean Buddhist temples in the Jecheon region. The factory takes cue from the 19th century Korean chest with minimal decorative elements that reflects the metal hinge designs with various openings for compartments and detailing of door openings. The cantilevering overhang roof takes inspiration from the Korean Buddha Temple Lantern Festivals and acts as an armature for lighting effects, signage, and canopy.

The YC Saw Mill Factory I is a building that responds to a major highway infrastructure to the northeast and to the valley condition created by the mountainous region. The architecture is a subtle intervention between the man-made environment and the natural landscape at the site.