Box Haus

Site: Jecheon, South Korea

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Residential

Client: YC Saw Mill

The Box Haus is a prefabricated outdoor cabin and a compact weekend house on the mountainous outskirts of Seoul, Korea. The Box Haus is a contemporary transformation of a Hanok, a traditional Korea house that responds to the positioning of architecture in relation to its surroundings, with thought given to the land and seasons. The interior organization of the architecture is designed on the principle called Baesanimsu (Korean: 배산임수; Chinese: 背山临水), meaning that the ideal house is built with a mountain in the back and a river in the front.  Since Korea has hot summers and cold winters, the Ondol, a floor-based heating system, and Daecheong, a cool wooden-floor patio, were designed to develop a comfortable environment in the frigid winters and to block harsh sunlight during summer months in the mountainous regions of Korea.


The Box Haus adapts to the changing environmental and site conditions by the customization of roof and wall systems offered by the design. The material armatures and detailing employ scrap dimensional lumber from the local saw mills.