Between Research and Practice

Site: Charlotte, NC, United States

Status: Built

Program: Installation

Client: University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Between Research and Practice Installation presents projects that fall within a spectrum of built and speculative, research-driven works. Several projects investigate “invisible forces”– light, wind, reflections, illusions. In Prism Tower, the light-refracting panels dynamically shift the presence of the vertical structure, coloring shadows and creating the illusion of space that breaks free of twisting formations. Urban Mirage suggests a mirage effect between ground and sky, played out through a floating diaphragm. Carbon Tower explores thin structural veins that strengthen with increasing wind loads, while Women’s Shelter calculates light patterns across seasonal shifts to guide light’s entry into otherwise dark interiors.


Public gathering spaces explore the social interactivity of work and play zones. Designs derive from people and the social events they create. With the street and public interiors as one, several projects explore layers of projected media and devices that read the landscape. An additional set of projects considers systems of landscape with building components: Terra Garden’s twisted towers create an interface between river and urban water gardens; the Orchid Tower in Taiwan is a vertical botanical garden organized in a system of hydroponic infrastructures.


A unique installation created especially for Storrs Gallery at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte will place these and other models along an elevated serpentine path that winds through the room, with 2D representations mounted and projected along the walls.