Admotiv Headquarters

Site: Bangkok, Thailand

Status: Conceptual Design

Program: Commercial

Client: Admotiv Corporation

Admotiv Headquarters is a 27 storey high-rise in the dense and rigid urban site of Bangkok.  The building transforms by the movements, flows, dynamics and geographic forces of the complex urban fabric. The transformation process requires multiple strategies of coordinating the internal spaces by deforming the floor slabs for structural dynamics. The flows of economic, cultural and geographic tectonics shift across the urban field providing the source of research for the flexible hyper-surfaced floor slabs.  According to the geographical research, the site’s high ground water content causes shifting of the structural plates, directing the structural density to occur at the upper levels leaving the building light as it touches the ground.  Height, imaging and programmatic organizations demonstrate a culture of corporate efficiency.  In a city with extended working hours, leisure and business bridge one another.


The structural calculations in the vertical sections act as the mechanism to define one architectural element into another, from floor into wall, from line into surface, from void into solid and from space into program. Admotiv Headquarters opportunistically assembles new forms of media and leisure programs in-between the fissures of the hyper-surfaces.


Admotiv Headquarters is a high profile mixed-use building for an international advertisement corporation with influence in new media and information technology. The architecture becomes the agent for urban imaging and branding of marketing prototype in technological and media development.  Admotiv Headquarters registers and informs its complex geometries through the calibration of unseen forces of economy, technology and materiality of geography.